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Treatment and support

There are two different forms of treatment, the first can be medication. Some may go to the doctors and get prescribed something, others may go down the natural remedy route. The most common and valuable treatment however is therapy, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), as some people feel medication is covering the problem and not dealing with it.

Talking therapies seem to be the best treatment for OCD sufferers as you able to discuss what is going on in your mind, to talk through what you think about, and you will hopefully get a better understanding of OCD and how your mind works. CBT is a problem-solving approach; it is meant to help you change your thought pattern. A lot of people can find peace talking to a stranger, someone that doesn’t know anything about their life or situation.

There is a lot of self-help care out there from self-help books, worksheets, exercise like mindfulness and yoga, online forums and also support groups where people who suffer the same illness as you, will go to discuss their journey and problems, and will hopefully make you feel less alone.

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I knew people didn’t think the same way I did or were worried about the same things I was worried about.
— Katy M


Recovery is individual, as everyone’s definition of recovery is different, and everyone’s illness is unique. There is no specific cure for OCD, it does not miraculously disappear, for most people it’s an ongoing journey throughout their life where OCD can become manageable to live with, whereas others may even fully recover. The hardest part of recovery is trying to stop your compulsions and let your intrusive thoughts pass you by. People may class recovery as being happy in their day to day life and not having an intrusive thought, whatever it is, with the right support and help OCD can become more manageable as time goes by. Like everything, it takes time and hard work.