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In Our Right Mind

In our right mind

We are campaigning for mental health rights for people sectioned under the Mental Health Act

We want the Mental Health Act to change to:

  • honour advance notices
  • give individuals the right to know what treatment is planned for them when they are first sectioned for mental health care
  • allow individuals to nominate which relative can advocate for them if they are too distressed to advocate for themselves
  • connect individuals and relatives to a directory of advocates at the first opportunity
  • require BAME representatives to be involved in all risk-assessment decisions and for all mental health professionals to have received substantive cultural awareness training 


Send us your stories

Send in your stories about how you might have been affected by sectioning under the Mental Health Act and why you'd like it to change to We will work with you to use these experiences to add to the government's review of the Mental Health Act. 

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