A data sharing agreement between the NHS and the Home Office is as inhumane as the 'go home vans' associated with the Prime Minister's time as Home Secretary, campaigners said today.

Spoof vans drove through Westminster and Whitehall as doctors and nurses took a stand against the Home Office’s use of NHS services and staff to carry out immigration enforcement.

An under-reported area of government policy, in place for over a year, is getting wider attention now due to the exposure of the persecution of Windrush families.

The mother of one victim of the Windrush persection has attributed her son's death to depression, stress and isolation.

“It is wonderful to see so many medical colleagues supporting our campaign," said Dr Tim Dudderidge, an NHS doctor and President of DOTW UK.

"As doctors, it is essential that we protect the boundaries of patient confidentiality. For us it is of great concern that patients with serious health needs are scared of attending NHS services because they fear the Home Office. Doctors should not be prevented from caring for patients in need in this way."

“The Department of Health & Social Care's guidance is very clear – urgent care should not be withheld from anyone – but in practice these rules are poorly understood by many in the NHS, meaning people living in the UK are going without that life saving care that they are entitled to”.

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