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Your money will be used to source and highlight methods that address areas of mental health care when and where they are in need of attention. The answers exist and Mental Health Today’s role is to publicise and spread successful approaches.

Together we can end out-of area-care, make crisis care compassionate and humane, put a stop to racial profiling, support the isolated and those experiencing change in their lives. 

 What We Want To Change

  • With investment we can and will create dedicated free-to-access information hubs around anxiety, depression, bipolar, suicidality and self-harm.
  • We will ensure Mental Health First Aid and the new Mental Health Act evolve appropriately.

Show your support for what you've read today 

We don't want to charge you per article or put our content behind a pay wall. We want everyone to be able to read the journalism we create together so that knowledge spreads and mental health care progresses. But we need funds to continue doing the job we're doing. Digital advertising cannot sustain constructive news sites. 90 percent of advertisers only buy advertising space from Facebook and Google now.

Help us publicise and spread what good looks like. Help us support the mental health of everyone in the UK. When you donate you make a difference that lasts.

What will you receive in return?

Anyone who contributes to Mental Health Today becomes a valued community patron and you will receive:

  • Regular updates on where your money is being spent and what it is changing
  • Discounts on mental health books published by Pavilion Publishing
  • Discounts on our mental health events 
  • An exclusive mental health feature writing support pack
  • The chance to submit poetry that will be published in an anthology by and for our community patrons.


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