The media are today being reminded to watch the language they use when reporting on suicide.

A letter has been put together by mental health campaigners Bryony Gordon and Luciana Berger MP with the world marking suicide prevention day on September 10.

The letter, which has been backed by cross party MPs - as well as Samaritans and Mental Health Today - calls for an end to the use of the phrase ‘commit suicide’, which implies suicide is a crime or a sin.

There are a number of alternatives, including ‘died by suicide’, that are recommended.

The more that people think of suicidal thoughts as sinful, the less likely they are to seek help.

Broad support

Campaigners have also renewed calls for an end to detailed descriptions of suicide, which can be copied by others.

When specific methods of suicide are reported, there is a rise in this type of suicide, especially among young people.

Broadcaster Zoe Ball, whose former partner died by suicide last year, is among those to have signed the letter to editors.

Mental health media charter founder Natasha Devon and charity CEO Victor Adebowale feature among the other 130+ names.

People can show their support for changing the language about suicide and find out more about responsible reporting by visiting

Support if you need urgent help is available here.