You visited Mental Health Today's pages in your hundreds of thousands again in 2018.

Looking back at our most popular pieces of last year, it's clear there's a thirst for progressing understanding of how mental health should be perceived, framed and confronted. 

Here's a round-up of the 20 Mental Health Today (MHT) articles which attracted the highest page views in 2018:

1) Suicide risk-assessments have no predictive value Mental health care professions acknowledged an evidence base showing check-list assessments to be ineffective and sometimes counterproductive. New best-practice guidelines for listening to individuals, involving a responsibility to facilitate bespoke follow-up services, were unveiled.

2) Autism is not over-diagnosed in the UK, says Royal College of Psychiatrists The Royal College of Psychiatrists' Dr Mark Lovell responded to a divisive article in the Daily Mail (authored by a former College President), which claimed parents were chasing diagnoses to 'avoid their own failings'.

3) Body Focussed Repetitive Behaviours - the complex disorders that are more common than you think Chloe Apter, MHT's new Editorial Assistant, illuminated under-reported conditions.  

4) Challenging narratives: What is The Power Threat Meaning Framework? Mental Health Today writer Mark Brown dissected the Power Threat Meaning Framework, a new model being put forward as an alternative to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual / International Classification of Diseases.

5) Disorders Explained We launched a disorder information hub in 2018. Currently featuring video and text insights on Anorexia, Anxiety, Bipolar, Borderline Personality Disorder Depression, Schizophrenia and Self-Harm, we plan to expand the resource further in 2019. Our thanks go to our reader supporters for making this possible. You can Support MHT by making a one-off or recurring payment here.

6) New Liberty Protection Safeguards will prioritise timely care of the vulnerable Psychiatrist Simon Wessely presented recommendations for a reformed Mental Health Act in 2018 - but before that he gave a MHT readers an exclusive take on some related legislation: the Mental Capacity [Amendment] Bill.

7) Heartbreak with Borderline Personality Disorder and how to deal with it MHT writer Jessica Murray moved you once more with her words of wisdom on Valentine's Day.

8) A disorder for everyone Dr Lucy Johnstone and Jo Watson introduced you to The Power Threat Meaning Framework, an alternative to disorder diagnoses.

9) We should only treat people who are ill Hazel Watson, a registered Learning Disability nurse (RNLD) and former clinical lead for the NHS England Learning Disability Programme argued for changes to the Mental Health Act.

10) Borderline Personality Disorder - it's time to change the story Author Chris Young made the case for compassion to receive higher priority among mental health responses.

11) BPD stigma is most common crisis trigger The most commonly mentioned trigger for crisis was negative attitudes from other people, followed by trauma, family issues or lack of support from services, research from the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland found.

12) Mental Health Act changes could see 10,000 fewer individuals face compulsory detentions MHT's 'In Our Right Mind' campaign to reform the Mental Health Act looks to be on track.  

13) The complaints I never made There are both patients and practitioners who would like to see NHS complaints processes reformed. Things came to a head in 2018. Rachel Rowan Olive shared ten complaints she never made.

14) The criminal justice system needs to look at mental health - will it use the right lens? Our prisons specialist writer Hardeep Matharu interviewed psychologist Peter Kinderman.

15) What we can learn from trans activism "The politics of the trans movement are inherently self-reflective, intersectional and inclusive," wrote Akiko Hart.

16) 32 women die following restraint Women are more likely to suffer restraint related deaths in hospital than men. 

17) Why IBS is linked to our mental health more than we think Psychobiotics have shown positive results on both IBS and anxiety.

18) Don't rescue me - here's how to empower someone with the skills to manage their own mental health MHT explored a six-day intensive programme based on dialectical behavioural therapy. Many of you reported back you didn't like the sound of this service.

19) In Our Right Mind - Our 2018 campaign captured the imagination of readers and the Mental Health Act independent review team themselves. We're proud to have played a part in securing a government commitment to deliver patient choice and autonomy under reformed legislation, expected to reach parliament this year. There remains some road to be travelled.

20) I need urgent help We are often asked whether our readers are mostly working in mental health, mostly service users, or mostly neither. It is sometimes forgotten that the suicide rate of doctors is the highest of any profession. The popularity of our support page underlines how mental health challenges can affect any of us, at any time. It motivates us to continue bringing you the stories that can progress the mental health responses of the future. Thank you for being a part of Mental Health Today.