At least 461 people are receiving in-patient care over an hour's drive from their homes due to lack of local provision, the latest statistics provided by the NHS reveal.

The data set relates only to adults and there remains even less local provision for children.

At least 135 adults have been receiving the remote care as hospital residents for over a month.

46 people are more than three hours (300km) from home. 

A fully comprehensive picture of the scale of out-of-area adult mental health care in the UK is not yet possible as six of the 66 NHS mental health authorities in England are currently not sharing this data with the NHS.

These regions are: Barnet, Enfield and Haringey; South West London; Coventry and Warwickshire; Dudley and Walsall; Leicestershire; Kent and Medway.

There are regions that are bucking the trend by doing this differently, such as Bradford.

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