Online searchers in the US are to be presented with a clinical test when they Google the word 'depression'.

The search engine's algorithms will ensure the test appears as the top result to encourage more people to get a diagnosis and then seek help.

Clinically validated screening

Selecting the option to “check if you’re clinically depressed” will direct users to a clinically validated screening questionnaire, called PHQ-9, designed to test what a person’s level of depression might be.

Meanwhile in the UK, people living with paranoia are to be equipped with an app to help them manage their symptoms.

Users can input information about distressing thoughts and will be supported to slow down their thoughts through answering a series of questions.

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust will trial it on patients in Oxfordshire and Berkshire.

Mental health reporting hits new highs

The developments coincide with the news that both the police are ambulances are receiving a record number of calls about mental health.

London's Metropolitan Police received a phone call relating to mental health every five minutes in the last year, new data published today has shown.

Paramedics helped 30,000 more people experiencing a mental health crisis in 2016-17, compared with 2014-15.