TCSWThe College of Social Work (TCSW) has published a new mapping tool to demonstrate how competencies required by social workers working as approved mental health professionals (AMHPs) meet professional development requirements for regulatory registration.

The tool is designed to enable social worker AMHPs to map their continuing professional development targets within The College’s Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) to the standards of proficiency they need to meet for registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

TCSW practice development advisor Daisy Bogg said: "The draft mapping tool draws on capabilities within the ‘Experienced’ level of the PCF, which is the level at which social workers demonstrate expertise, manage complex caseloads and take on higher levels of risk and responsibility.

"AMHP competencies are set out in secondary legislation and meeting them is a requirement to legally practice in the role. We are confident that this new mapping tool will be extremely useful for social workers AMHPs in helping them demonstrate how they meet the regulatory CPD requirements."

The PCF mapping document was devised by members of the AMHP leads network together with TCSW and its own AMHP community of interest.

Download the AMPH Competency – PCF capability mapping document here