excludingadultThe factors which make some people more sensitive to rejection are being investigated by psychologists at Nottingham Trent University.

The research will focus on why some individuals are more likely to feel rejected by others because of the role rejection has in contributing to psychiatric illness.

Study lead Dr Preethi Prekumar explained: “We need to understand why people are sensitive to rejection from others, as this is a key risk and contributory factor for psychiatric illness.

“Understanding these influences is hugely important as the findings can be used to benefit those who have poor personal relationships and are vulnerable to psychiatric illness.”

The researchers, from the School of Social Sciences, are aiming to identify the personal, social and emotional factors which play a part in people’s sensitivity to rejection. They also want to determine how rejection sensitivity might relate to people experiencing odd beliefs – such as having magical powers or being able to control people’s thoughts.

People who are sensitive to rejection often have poor interpersonal relationships and tend to over-react and look for rejection in social situations, often believing that the other person is distancing themselves from them.

The study, the first of its kind, is targeted at the general population and is being carried out via an online survey which you can take part in here.