Some 10-15% of women experience postnatal depression across Europe and the world, according to this year’s World Health Day.

On World Health Day April 7 2017 the groups Mental Health Europe, Make Mothers Matter and the European Women’s Lobby joined forces to talk about postnatal depression and support services available to women. 

The groups said: “The assumption that new mothers will just find their feet is insidious. 

“As much as motherhood is natural, it can also be overwhelming and without the right support available, numerous factors may put the mental health of the mother at risk.”

The groups highlighted the need for affordable, accessible and quality mental health care for new mothers. 

They also called for legislation to increase maternity and parental leave and further research into postnatal depression including the impact of ‘obstetric violence’ or the use of dehumanising treatment of women during childbirth on women’s mental health.