youngminds2A survey by ITV programme Daybreak that found that 1 in 3 teenagers have felt so depressed that they needed help is “not surprising”, according to mental health charity YoungMinds.

Daybreak surveyed 500 young people. Of the 1 in 3 who said they felt they needed help for their depression, 16% have taken time off school because of it, and 35% said that the depression lasted for more than a few weeks.

Unprecedented pressures for young people

In addition:
• 30 % said one of the causes of depression was pressures at home
• 50% of teenagers turned to food to lift their depression
• 20% turned to alcohol

Sarah Brennan, YoungMinds’ chief executive, who appeared on Daybreak to talk about the survey results, said: “Sadly this survey is not surprising. By 2030 the World Health Organisation says that depression will be the most common health problem in the developed world. Young people face unprecedented pressures with little hope of finding employment, high numbers of family breakdowns, social media creating a 24/7 culture where nobody is ever switched off and increasing threats of violence.

"At YoungMinds we believe more should be done to support the almost one million children who have a diagnosable mental health problem. We believe that is it vital that children get access to help and support early on when they need it. Currently just 0.7% of the total NHS budget is spent on children and young people’s mental health, by increasing that to 1% so much more could be done to prevent thousands of young people suffering and their problems spiralling into long term mental illness."