The day organised by charity, Student Minds, aims to bring together students, staff, services and volunteers to transform student mental health care on campus.

Unite students will be engaging with the 50,000 students that live with them in their properties across the UK to host conversations about mental health and signpost students to support should they need it.

Student Minds wants universities to:

  • Improve student and staff awareness of support and promote a sense of belonging
  • Improve understanding among students and staff of the role the environment and community can play in protecting student mental health
  • ​Raise awareness of the specific challenges students face with regards to support for their mental health and influence education institutions and health providers to work collaboratively so all in higher education can thrive

You can join in with the Student Minds thunderclap on social media  calling on the university community to engage in a conversation about mental health.

Rosie Tressler, CEO of Student Minds said: “We know that community is key to mental wellbeing; being a part of a community can promote a sense of belonging and reduce levels of isolation together with opening up pathways to accessing support.”