Performing Medicine’s Open Programme Autumn Season is a range of courses and creative workshops, all designed with the aim to help health and social care professionals to manage post-pandemic workforce changes and challenges.

The programme uses art-based skills and techniques to engage with self-care, stress management, communicating with masks and anatomical art.

The courses made available by Performing Medicine are:

  • Self care & managing stress: ‘understand the strategies needed to help look after yourself and improve wellbeing.'
  • Communicating with a mask: ‘simple, effective ways to cope with the challenges of communicating while wearing PPE.’
  • Effective conversations: ‘develop techniques to improve the quality and impact of conversations in the workplace.’
  • Presentation skills: ‘build confidence and overcome anxiety through a range of creative exercises and techniques.'
  • Anatomical art: ‘an exceptional anatomy art course covering drawing, painting, and collage, with an opportunity to create your own anatomical artwork.’

"The recent easing of restrictions does not mark the end of the pandemic or the challenges for the health and social sector workforce."

Speaking on the impact of the easing of Covid-19 restrictions on the health and social sector workforce, executive director of Performing Medicine, Jo McLean said:

“We are mindful that there remains a strong need to support people working in the sector; to help people adapt to the changes and manage the congoing challenges. Performing Medicine’s Open Programme Autumn 2021 is led by expert artist practitioners who work across movement, voice and sculpture using skills and techniques to support mental health and wellbeing.”

With the number of health and social care professionals reporting post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) type symptoms steadily increasing; providing innovative support and training to the sector that has arguably been most severely hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, is essential to help the sector recover.

You can find out more about Performing Medicine’s programme here, and information on securing your place.