Hundreds of educators across the UK responded to a survey conducted by the digital learning platform Quizlet. The survey examined the impact that the last two years have had on teachers mental wellbeing and the levels of support that they have received.

Quizlet found that staff in private, grammar, academy, and higher education institutions feel overworked, under-supported, and are ever more increasingly stressed.

Many of the 1,200 teachers studied reported feelings of extreme burnout and anxiety

Compared to before the pandemic, more than a third reported feeling less passionate about their teaching career, with state school teachers being far more likely than private school teachers to say that they have lost love with their profession.

Occupational stress levels have also increased over the pandemic for nearly two-thirds of teachers. A further 85% of teachers stated that they felt anxious or overwhelmed due to remote working.

When asked about whether changing the length of the summer holidays, or the length of the working day, to compensate for lost time learning, three quarters felt it would have an adverse effect on their students’ mental health, and 88% said that it would have a negative impact on their mental health.

Rahim Hirji, UK Country Manager at Quizlet, said of the findings: “It is hugely important to address the occupational stress and strain that many teachers currently find themselves working under and to equip them with the support and tools needed to empower them to confidently and passionately educate young people during the coming months. Sadly, it is clear that not enough is being done to support the mental wellbeing of our teachers during these difficult times, and the potential long-term impact of this is deeply concerning.”