Empowerment hasn’t recently felt like a possibility when the mental baggage of the Covid-19 pandemic is considered. Most of us would think about the coping strategies that we lacked, the friends that we missed, the cancelled events, or the restrictions that limited our enjoyment.

Although perhaps over the last year and a half, empowerment was always a possibility, but we lacked the skills necessary to discover “what works for me” and nurture our mental wellbeing.

Better Health – Every Mind Matters

The general public is being urged to find out “what works for me” as the Office for Health Improvements and Disparities (OHID) launches their latest ‘Better Health – Every Mind Matters’ campaign.

The campaign is the first launched by the new OHID body, a governmental unit within the Department of Health and Social Care, aiming to tackle health inequalities across the UK.

In a statement, the OHID said that by answering five simple questions through the ‘Every Mind Matters’ platform, people can be ‘empowered’ to look after their mental health through personalised, accessible, and practical health tips and advice.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted both the importance of our mental wellbeing and also how many of us lack the practical skills necessary to support it.

This has been reflected by new research commissioned by the OHID, which has revealed that nearly half (49%) of adults in England had experienced a negative impact on their mental health over the pandemic. And by the third of all adults in England who responded that they did not know what to do to influence their emotions positively.

The new Minister for Care and Mental Health, Gillian Keegan, highlighted that point by saying at the OHID campaign’s launch that while “the public showed great resilience”, the pandemic has “served as a stark reminder” of the importance of mental health.

She continued: “There are simple steps we can all be taking to improve our mental wellbeing and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. For anyone who is unsure what they can do, I urge you to visit Every Mind Matters and take advantage of the expert advice and practical tips available to you.”