The charity believes that a lack of funding is resulting in the sexual abuse of children.

 Juliet Grayson, UKCP Registered Psychosexual Therapist and Chair of StopSO said: “StopSO would like to ensure that no-one is ever refused help.

“We believe that therapy should be provided free-of-charge to all perpetrators asking for help who cannot afford to pay for themselves, as a cost-effective way of reducing sexual offending in the UK.

“But we are currently having to turn away 20% of those who approach us due to lack of funds.

“The government is failing these children by failing to fund therapy which prevents these offences occurring. And furthermore, it is failing the British tax-payer.

 “This year StopSO expects to be approached by 1,936 clients struggling with sexually inappropriate behaviour. 387 of these people will not be able to afford to pay for their therapy, and we don't have the funding to provide the help they need.”

StopSO is a charity providing therapy in the community for those who feel at risk of committing a sexual offence, or who have already committed one.