pharmacyPeople with dementia in Staffordshire are being given help and support to ensure that their homes are protected against fire as part of a new pilot launched by the county's Pharmacy Committee and Fire & Rescue Service.

The two organisations are teaming up to offer free Home Fire Risk Checks (HFRC) which will assess each room of the at risk person's house and look at the potential fire risks.

The technician carrying out the HFRC will also speak to the resident about their behaviour in their home.

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue’s Head of Risk Reduction Glynn Luznyj said, “We strongly believe that this pioneering pilot project will have a hugely positive impact on vulnerable people living within the community”.

People who pick-up prescriptions on behalf of somebody with dementia will be encouraged to book a HFRC on behalf of the patient.

Four pharmacies in Uttoxeter, as well as additional twenty in Tamworth, are taken part in the six month trial.

Pharmacist Tim Hames said, “Experience tells us that residents with dementia who still live in their own homes receive a lot of help from their family and friends. Focussing our resources on them and promoting the HFRCs when they pop in to the pharmacy will undoubtedly lead to an increase in the number of vulnerable people benefitting from this vital safety measure.”

The scheme will be promoted through patient leaflets and posters to attract the attention of family, friends and carers of those with dementia.

The initiative is being introduced in an attempt to reduce the number of deaths of people over the age of 65 who die in accidental house fires. For more information visit:  

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