Dementia aids manufacturer Recogneyes has launched an online app designed to make communication easier with people who have dementia.

The app features areas to make and record choices, dislikes and favourites in a way that does not rely on memory or word recall, making it an ideal tool for those working with people who have dementia. Watch a demonstration video for the app below:

Recogneyes Choices has been in development for more than a year, and is based on established and cutting edge research by experts in the UK, Australia and the US to meet the specific needs of people living with dementia.

The app displays images in a clear way to allow choices to be selected, stored and shared. Categories cover everyday needs such as food, clothing and objects, as well as offering categories for pain and medical for faster communication about urgent needs.

More than 800,000 people have been diagnosed with the condition in the UK and a large percentage of those are cared for at home by family members and visiting carers. The ability to access profile information from any device with an internet connection means that choices can be easily shared with other carers and medical staff.

A Pro Edition of the app has also been designed with care homes in mind and aims to create a more efficient and comprehensive intake process for all staff to use.

The system will also make it easier for residents with dementia to make daily decisions about meals and activities, keeping them more involved in their care and increasing a sense of independence.

Although designed with dementia patients in mind, the app also has potential uses for anyone with speech difficulties such as those who have had a stroke.

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Posted 26/03/2013 by Mary Stevens