onlineA new app has been launched that aims to provide children and young people who self-harm with discreet help and advice.

The idea for the ‘Recovery from Self-Harm’ app, developed by charity Broadway Lodge, came from the observation that children and teenagers are reluctant to pick up leaflets or actively seek help or advice from doctors and charities for fear of embarrassment, or being overlooked as attention seeking. 

The app gives users access to help and advice from Broadway Lodge and other charities in a private and safe environment, in their own time, wherever they are on their mobile phone. Users can access websites, online support groups and contacts and videos of professionals giving advice. There is also a quiz about the misconceptions and facts of self-harm.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists said the rate of self-harm has risen in the UK over the past 20 years. One in 12 young people are said to self-harm and in the last 10 years, inpatients admissions for young people who have self-harmed has increased by 68%. 

Broadway Lodge’s chief executive, Brian Dudley, said: “We believe this will go a long way to educating and helping those suffering in silence. Along with the pressures of the modern world comes the blessing to use technology to help as many people as possible and we want to take the opportunity to give sufferers the resources and support they need in a way that they can feel confident is discrete, confidential and accessible 24/7. Self-harm is a rising concern that is completely under-discussed in the UK and we want to give everyone the best resources for recovery possible.”

The app is available for free from the Apple App store and can be found by searching for “Recovery from self-harm”.