The charity, Mind, has praised Price Harry's openness in speaking this week to The Telegraph about his personal mental health and how he has dealt with the loss of his mother. 

Mind’s Chief Executive, Paul Farmer, said: “It’s inspiring to see Prince Harry speaking out about his experiences. 

“It shows how far we have come in changing public attitudes to mental health that someone so high-profile can open up about something so difficult and personal. 

“Prince Harry speaking so candidly is a true turning point that shows that as a society we must no longer adopt a 'stiff upper lip' attitude and that we need to talk openly about mental health, something that affects us all directly. 

Opening the conversation is the first step in making sure people get the help and support they need and the sooner people get help the more quickly they can manage their mental health.”

Price Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge together lead the Heads Together campaign which aims to remove the stigma from talking about mental health.