Hafal 180Welsh Assembly election candidates have been called on to commit to five key actions to improve mental health services in a manifesto published by a mental health charity.

‘Mair’s Manifesto’ sets out the key concerns of Hafal's members, as presented by Hafal trustee Mair Elliott. It represents the views of more than 1,500 Members across Wales and presents five actions to support improved mental health services in Wales.

The key actions are to:

1. Increase and protect funding for mental health

2. Improve support for young people

3. Increase access to psychological therapies

4. Support equality for people with a mental illness and their carers

5. Work with service users and carers in an equal relationship.

"The National Assembly elections are very important for Hafal Members, particularly as health is the responsibility of the Welsh Government in Cardiff,” said Elliott. “So if you want to improve services for people with a mental illness and their carers, remember to use your vote - and to ask candidates to commit to these five key actions!"

Hafal’s chief executive, Alun Thomas, added: "Hafal members are calling on the Welsh public to ask election candidates exactly what they plan to do about these important issues. We need to continue to improve services for people across Wales in the next Assembly – and getting candidates to commit to the five key actions is the first step towards this."  

To download the Manifesto click here