The King's Fund has welcomed the Labour Party's plans to boost NHS and social care funding but says it also wants reform and better delivery of care. 

The Labour Party announced in their manifesto this week that they will provide extra funding for the NHS and social care. 

The King’s Fund said that they welcome the funding that will “go some way to addressing the pressures facing the NHS and reversing the decline in social care services for older and disabled people.”

However, they added that “investment needs to go alongside reform to develop new and better ways of delivering care, rather than protecting outdated services.”

Chris Ham, Chief Executive of The King’s Fund, said: “‘The proposal to halt sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) risks holding back essential changes to services. Labour is right that there has so far not been nearly enough engagement with the public and patients and this needs to happen, but where the case for change has been made politicians should not stand in the way.

"In the long-term, spending on health and social care will need to increase as a share of GDP to meet rising demand for services and bring us into line with spending in other countries such as France and Germany.”