Mental health provision for children and adolescents needs to be improved across Europe, say researchers.

The University of Warwick asked child psychiatrists and national child psychiatry associations in each country to complete an online survey looking at the availability of services; inpatient beds; clinicians and organisations; and delivery of specific services and treatments. 

They found that planning, monitoring and delivery of mental health care needed improvement. 

They added that the number of public services and access varied considerably across Europe.

Lead researcher Professor Swaran Singh said: “Clearer national policies are needed for service delivery and structure and for standardised tools to assess the delivery, take up, and effectiveness of treatment. 

“Young people’s needs should be central to service provision, which requires improved understanding of their treatment experiences and satisfaction with services. Professional training should be revised to bridge the gap between professional and service-related cultures.”

The study is part of the five year MILESTONE project which aims to improve transitions for young people from CAMHS to adult mental health services across Europe.