docreadyWith 36% of young people admitting to not feeling comfortable talking to their GP about their mental health, a new digital tool has launched to encourage more to do so.

Doc Ready is a digital app aimed at ensuring young people confidently take control of what happens when they meet with their doctor and to help them get the most out of their visit.

Actor Stephen Fry has given his support to the app: "The support that Doc Ready gives young people is vital to help them become the healthy and confident adults that they deserve to be,” he said.

"The teenage years are an important period to address mental health issues and Doc Ready is a great tool to help young people through a difficult time."

Doc Ready is a set of digital tools that work across a number of devices, giving young people information about the important things they might need to think about before visiting their doctor, practical advice on what to expect from the appointment itself as well as guidance about what happens to personal information they share with the doctor.

The inventors hope that by using Doc Ready young people will have a better understanding of the consultation process, experience increased confidence in dealing with their GP, and make the most of the consultation process.

Project lead Denise Stephens said: "From conversations with young people, we’re finding that they want something to guide them through what to expect from a GP visit, which also helps them to prepare – particularly for visits to talk about their mental health and wellbeing."

Doc Ready is a collaboration between FutureGov, Enabled by Design, Neontribe and Social Spider. The project funding of £47,000 has been given by the Innovation Labs Project, a partnership between Right Here (Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the Mental Health Foundation), Comic Relief and Nominet Trust. For more information visit