Memory Tree poster 180A dementia charity has launched a fundraising campaign to create a Memory Tree in the foyer of its dementia care centre to enable families who have lost a loved one through the condition to create a lasting tribute to their memory.

Dementia Care provides specialist care for more than 200 people with dementia each week and is hoping the Memory Tree will inspire those whose lives have been touched by the condition.

Its online crowdfunding campaign will run until February 12 with the aim of raising the £10,000 it costs to create the Memory Tree, which comprises the names of people affected by dementia engraved on bronze, silver and gold leaves.

Dementia Care’s director of finance, Dave Stevens, said: "More and more people now come into contact with dementia. We regularly receive donations from all over the UK in memory of people with dementia who have passed away.

"The Memory Tree will allow them to create a lasting memory to their loved one, whilst supporting our vital work of caring for people living with dementia and their families."

Bronze, silver and gold leaves engraved with the donor’s chosen name can be pre-bought with pledges of £100, £200 and £300 respectively.

Pledges to Dementia Care’s memory tree can be made at: