rightstepsTurning Point Rightsteps Wellbeing and the Retail Trust have announced a partnership which offers mental health support to employees associated with the latter’s Retail Employee Assistance programme (RetailEAP).

Retail Trust supports 4.5 million people in the retail sector and delivers confidential support to employees with counselling, debt advice and hardship grants. Rightsteps Wellbeing will now be included among those services available within their RetailEAP.

The services will centre on telephone-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to support employees struggling with the most common forms of mental ill health such as stress and depression.

Cliff Lee from Rightsteps Wellbeing said: "Stress and other mental health related issues affect 1 in 6 workers across England and Wales and are the most widespread causes of long-term workplace absence.

"Rightsteps Wellbeing provides access to effective support mechanisms for employees when they are struggling with conditions such as stress, anxiety or depression, conditions which if not supported can result in absence and presenteeism. It is hugely important that employees are able to access the support they need, when they need it, to avoid their mental health deteriorating."

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Richard Boland, CEO of Retail Trust, added: "Having Turning Point on board within our Retail Employee Assistance Programme enables us to expand the reach of our services, caring for those in retail who are suffering from mental health issues. Our partnership means we can help those who need it most; whether their problems are big or small."

For more information visit www.rightstepswellbeing.co.uk