With summer around the corner we round up the 10 most popular articles from Mental Health Today so far ...

  1. Autism is not over-diagnosed in the UK, says Royal College of Psychiatrists 
    The Royal College of Psychiatrists, which represents 18,000 doctors around the world, respond to a controversial article in the Daily Mail authored by their former President, which claimed parents chase diagnoses to 'avoid their own failings'.  

  2. 'We should only treat people who are ill'
    Under the overarching mental health law covering England and Wales, people with a learning disability and/or autism can be detained for assessment and treatment, even though their conditions are not medically treatable. This needs to change.

  3. ‘A disorder for everyone’
    There are alternatives to psychiatric diagnosis which can help people to make sense of experiences of distress.

  4. ‘Borderline Personality Disorder' - it’s time to change the story
    When people with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) present themselves, or, just as frequently, are presented to mental health professionals, it’s not uncommon to see them as a cluster of symptoms that confirm that diagnosis.

  5. Five steps to stop young people having to wait months for mental health care
    Steps taken in Bradford have resulted in all young people being seen within 11 weeks - the national guideline is 18 weeks - and urgent referrals occur within 24 hours. Here's how they do it.

  6. Black-led voluntary sector funding discussed at Downing Street
    The independent review of the Mental Health Act is mandated to explore why people from black African and Caribbean communities are more highly represented among those subject to the Mental Health Act - and what might be done to address any discrepancies and reduce inequalities. Patrick Vernon reports from Downing Street for Mental Health Today.

  7. Exclusive: 'Psychiatric treatment not prison must be the way forward for offenders with mental disorders', say Royal College of Psychiatrists
    A call is being made for more prisons to join the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Quality Network for prisons – a voluntary scheme which aims to set, agree and monitor standards of healthcare in prisons – with safety, self-harm and suicide dominating headlines.

  8. Sweet, sweet fantasy? Mariah Carey knows what all of us with Bipolar II know, hypomania can be both as sweet and sticky as honey
    The singer with the most solo number records in history has spoken for the first time about being hospitalised for her mental health and being diagnosed with bipolar. She also voiced a fear of losing an essential part of herself, the part where condition and being are inseparable. It's a fear many of us recognise, writes Mark Brown.

  9. Breaking down racism in mental health care
    "I have encountered enraged deities, curses, witches and devils on the couch, none of which made an appearance in the case studies or academic papers of my training," writes psychotherapist and cultural awareness trainer Dawn Estefan. "Psychotherapy has not seriously addressed the fact that African and African Caribbean clients speak from a place which is embedded in our own cultural, historic and social reality."

  10. 'To successfully work with our anxiety we must be skilled at connecting to our body'
    I am deeply curious about how minds and bodies interact. I am passionate about working through the body to promote health, not just physical health but emotional and mental health as well.