This Mental Health Awareness Week Melissa from the Counselling Directory shows how important self-care is in helping us to thrive … 

With the pressures of our daily lives, it can be easy to neglect our needs. Many of us lead busy and demanding lifestyles. It’s important we look after both our mental and physical health and prioritise time to re-charge. 

What is self-care? You can actually practice self-care in many ways, such as getting a good night's sleep, eating a balanced diet, exercising and socialising with friends and family.

Self-care is very important for our well-being, no matter how healthy you feel. It gives our body and mind the chance to rest and recharge. 

I would suggest trying to schedule a time where you can do things that you enjoy, and dedicate some time to yourself. 

Taking time to do things you enjoy and spend time with loved ones, can help to lift your mood and boost well-being. 

Self-care can also help manage many mental health problems, including stress, anxiety and depression. 

Understandably, it can be difficult to prioritise self-care when you’re experiencing a mental health problem, however it can be a huge benefit to recovery. 

If you’re not able to leave the house, you could try relaxing at home - a warm bath, eating something nutritious or watching a favourite film. You could consider calling a friend or family member, or even a professional as it’s important to connect with others and talk about how you’re feeling. 

Mindfulness is also a great way to detach yourself from stress. There are many free resources available that are great for on-the-go stress relief, such as Headspace. 

If you’re finding that your feelings persist for a long time, it can help to speak to someone you trust. Alternatively there are many mental health support groups around the UK that offer various support services. 

Counselling may also be helpful, as it gives you the opportunity to talk in a safe, non-judgemental environment. 

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