bbc3A season of programmes on mental health issues, spearheaded by a documentary on former boxer Frank Bruno, will be broadcast by BBC Three this spring.

The channel, which is aimed at 16-34-year-olds, will broadcast a range of programmes in the season focusing on a variety of mental health issues.

In Rachel Bruno: Me And My Dad, the daughter of boxing legend Frank, who has bipolar disorder, sets out to discover the truth about her dad's illness. Through talking to Frank about his condition and spending time with others who have it, Rachel will explore this potentially devastating illness that affects about 1 in 100 people. Ultimately, she'll discover whether she herself is at risk of developing it too.

Other shows in the season include:
• OCD Camp, a 2-part documentary following 6 British teens and young adults living with OCD as they embark on a life changing week-long treatment course in the USA
• Mental Me will explain the science behind the most common mental illnesses that affect young people – why they develop in the first place, what’s going on inside our bodies and what we can do to treat them. The documentary will bring together personal stories of mental illness, scientific information and dramatic CGI to explore the causes, and dispel the most common myths, about mental illness
• Minds Like Ours is a documentary where 20 young people with mental health disorders use handheld cameras to show what life is really like living with a mental health disorder – from schizophrenia to bipolar, OCD to personality disorders
• Inside A Teenage Mental Health Unit is a 3-part serious where cameras were given access to the McGuinness Unit in Manchester, one of the largest teenage mental health units in Britain, for a year
• Football, Schizophrenia And Me will tell the story of a football league in which every player suffers from a mental health problem. Following a number of key characters over one season, the film, it is hoped, will challenge the way mental health disorders in young men are perceived.

In addition, BBC Learning will produce new online resources on mental health issues as well as creating content for use in the classroom.

Zai Bennett, controller of BBC Three, said: “Our mantra of never afraid to try to new things will continue into 2013 and this raft of new commissions shows our commitment to bold, thought-provoking programmes for 16-34s.”