The Federation says that 10% of the employed population have taken time off for depression.

It adds that 36 work days are lost per episode of depression.

And 43% of managers say they want better policies in place when it comes to mental health.

The World Federation for Mental Health Federation aims to ‘start the discussion so that we can define best practice in promoting mental health in the workplace and create a broad coalition to promote best practice, decrease negative attitudes and discrimination and empower individuals to promote mental health and dignity for all.’

It wants to:

  • Provide individuals and employers with information about how they can support self-care and wellbeing
  • Address the negative attitudes and prejudice associated with mental ill-health in the workplace
  • Empower individuals and employers to take actions that promote mental health resilience
  • Spread the understanding of employment practices that support good mental health

The Federation is asking employers to sign the Mentally Healthy Workplace Pledge